Monday, May 11, 2009


It turns out blogspot can actually let me create a blog. I am saying this because I have tried to register several times back in the day, and failed. But this belongs to the past. hurray to my new baby, Dripping Clocks, which was inspired by Dali - one of my favorite artists! Not to mention some lad named Robert Pattinson is impersonating him big-screen in "Little Ashes"

(a mere excuse to put Rob's photo here. and yes, I know it's without the moustache. I think this look suits him better.)

So since today everyone in here will be having their bonfires festival and one has to celebrate, I will party at my friend's place with some people. We will have BBQ and another friend is going to come over to my house soon so we'd get there together. My outfit is a self-made grey shredded T shirt paired with harem pants and open toe heels. My harem pants are not as chic as Camille's or Jane's - looks more lika a baggy dc pant to me - (scroll down to see pictures) but it'll do. Then I just have my two gold rings to add and I'm set.

(credits: 1. && 2.

Yesterday was the Depeche Mode performance in Tel Aviv area. Mom asked me if I wanna go there and I was surprised by her question, didn't see that coming! I'm not familiar with these 80s songs anyway - except for maybe "Enjoy The Silence" and "Personal Jesus". The latter just because it's part of Hilary Duff's catchy dance hit, "Reach Out". Not to mention I hate it when they exegerrate and hypervantilate everytime an old band comes to perform here. (Ah, yes, they really do.) Plus, after seeing the photos from last night's gig, and then watching the Pope arrives in his full glory - I'm on the pope side. Those old rockers dress horrible. The pope has a classic, yet not boring taste. No joke.

(above: well, I'll leave you to guess who's who)

I need new shoes for the summer. I thought of something like this. w-a-oo-w. as if I could afford this right now.
alternately, I can just make my own catwalk-inspired glitzy tights and pair them with a black shoes.

the point is, I need shoes anyway - and I have no time cause I have to practice on my piano, learn for examinations and finish the Biology project with my friends. ugh.

oh - how could i forget this one -


I am so excited about this upcoming perfume. am currently using daisy (light scent, great essence of flowers) as well as ralph lauren hot (much more dominant scent, even too in-your-nostrils to me). lola sounds like the middle between these two, but I wont be sure of this until I smell it myself. I'm glas they took KKloss to do this part anyway. love her.